I'm Having a Moment With Hardware

April 20, 2024

There are amazing personal electronics out right now. Tablets seemed to eat the world throughout the 2010s, but I'm seeing more or at least seeing past them. More form factors, more purpose-building. My list-making tendencies have compelled me to list out a bunch of devices that I've used or seen over the past year that have really captured my attention.

Peripherals are in great shape, too. USB Type-C as a universal standard is finally happening. In the meantime there are uber-small multi-USB connector cables. Thumb drives come in ultra-small sizes that are barely noticeable as keychain dongles. I've seen some key-shaped USB drives, but none made by a name-brand manufacturer. Along with all of these, Yubikey's tokens are great for Light phone users like me who need 2FA for work and personal use.